Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ’s offer answers to several common questions.

Does Lenshop sell Contact Lenses?

No. Lenshop is a guide to online retailers offering contact lenses to Australian Shoppers. we regularly check and update box prices offered by several shops to keep you informed and up to date.

How do you make money?

If you decide to follow links from the site, Lenshop may receive a commission or fee. This is paid by the shops, brands or advertisers, and there is no cost to you.

We do pride ourselves on the integrity of our comparison service. As such there is no influence upon the results or products listed. We present the information as is and without any form of commercial influence.

Why don’t I see all shops on your website?

We compare more online retailers than any other Australian lens comparison service, and are always welcoming new brands into the mix.

What is a comparison website?

We provide prices from several online retailers of contact lenses, side by side, so that you may easily compare and find deals to suit you,

In the real world, comparing prices may include looking through catalogues or visiting the stores one by one to check the price on a box of contact lenses. If you were to do so online without a comparison service, you would visit each online shop one after the other to check prices. This is a slow process that takes time, A comparison service can save time by showing recent prices offered by several shops in one place.

Where are the contact lenses I wear?

If you have browsed or searched the site, and still can’t find your lenses, please get in contact. We pride ourselves on covering the biggest range of manufacturers, brands and types of lenses.

Note that we do not cover single optometrist brand lenses that are sold only through one outlet or chain. As our primary focus is to assist people in comparing prices, a brand sold only through one outlet or chain has no competition and hence unable to be compared. As an additional note, you may be able to compare prices on Optometrist brand lenses if you know what other names the lenses go by. In most circumstances, they are simply rebranded lenses from one of the major manufacturers. We do try and provide this information where applicable.

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